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Art from the Streets

Current Artist Highlight: 

Michael Brown, Kansas City

Michael Brown is a Kansas City Artist committed to ending Homelessness AT THE ROOT. He has a program to work with two to four 17-27 year old's at a time to help get them off the streets and into housing. (MORE TO COME ON THAT!) Michael is launching the Rescue Rooms Project and is solidifying funding to purchase a property in Kansas City to get young guys off the street and back into the world. 

Each of the pieces shown are original works from Michael showcasing the plight of homelessness and the impact on people who live in that world. His main focus is "giving people and hand UP, not a hand OUT." 

Michael also will do custom pieces from 8x11 to 30x40. 

Pricing set for prints. Email for inquiries on availability of the originals themselves. The pricing includes shipping and handling.

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