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Image by Timon Studler
Why UMATT3R? What People Are Saying.

We are committed to inspiring teenagers and young adults to create an empowering future for themselves. What People Are Saying (more to come!): 

Support our work
Every dollar provides youth and young adults who need long-term housing and fiscal literacy
a life-time lifeline. 

“I remember being 19 and living in a broken down KIA.


We didn’t have UMATT3R to help us.


If there’s any chance I could stop anyone from going through even a sliver of what I did, I will do all I can!”

Za’Kari, Multimedia Artist


My younger years were ROUGH. I ran away from everything, especially myself. Now I run to my friends and family, not from them. I also run collaborative divisions for an international company. No matter your situation, don't quit on you. You're worth it. You're the best investment you've got.

 Stesha Heselius-Mashinchi, Division Manager


At UMATT3R, everyone gets a fair chance. Safety. Acceptance. Community. Freedom. I wasn't born here to be tossed around. I have a lot to give this world. UMATT3R is the home I didn't know I could have. The one I've been waiting for. Not a building, a way of living life. I want that for everyone.

Joseph Phillips, Coach and Change Maker


I've been in ministry for 40 years, this is human being ministry. Out from behind a pulpit and with the people. Pulpits are powerful. People are more powerful.
People deserve to be treated with dignity and humanity. In the discovery of ALL of that, people get to contribute in a world where they matter. 
I hate that people go unknown. Not around me. Not ever. 

Pastor Paul Wm Barrett Sr.


Growing up, I saw the life I wanted and didn't know how to get there. When I was a teen, I told everyone I'd be a BIG DEAL and make music. Well, now I am. I make music and run international companies.
Dream big. You Matter.

Livia Caudell, International CEO and Musician

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