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Wooden Ultra-Slim Portable Lipstick Power Bank
  • Wooden Ultra-Slim Portable Lipstick Power Bank


    Wooden Power Banks

    Wooden Ultra-Slim Portable (Lipstick) Power Bank

    100% Real Wood. 100% Real Power. Say goodbye to low battery warnings and never worry about your devices dying again with WUDN’s portable power bank. Our Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank is outfitted with the best in charging technology – leaving you with the quickest, lightest and best looking charger on the market. The turbocharged lithium-ion battery provides plenty of extra juice for all of your favorite electronic devices. What are you waiting for? Never be caught without battery life again thanks to the WUDN Ultra Slim Portable Lipstick Power Bank.


    • Turbocharged lithium ion battery encased in a high-quality anodized aluminum shell
    • Beautifully crafted, expertly customized wood texture exterior
    • Temperature resistant design means your portable power bank is ready for any adventure
    • Ultra slim profile so you can take it with you anywhere and even notice it
    • Available in customizable mahogany, black walnut, aromatic cedar, american cherry and caramelized bamboo wood finish
    • Rapid recharge technology for the fastest charging capability on the market

    The Perfect Blend of Nature & Technology

    Who said technology has to look so high-tech? Our power banks are encased by beautifully crafted, expertly customized 100% real, locally sourced wood from right in our own backyard.

    High-Capacity, Turbocharged Lithium Ion Battery

    Our turbocharged lithium ion battery doubles the battery life of most phones. That means twice the web browsing, twice the videos, twice the gaming, twice the streaming and twice the adventure.

    Big Power Comes in Small Packages

    Say goodbye to bulky battery packs. The ultra slim profile of our wooden power bank is a game changer in the world of portable power banks, putting massive amounts of power into your pocket, between your books or in your backpack or suitcase. No matter how you use it, our ultra slim power bank is the ultimate travel accessory to help you stay charged.

    Charge any Phone, Android or iOS

    Our portable power bank is able to charge almost every smartphone on the market. No matter if you’re team iPhone, Android or something else entirely, your wooden portable lipstick charger will turbocharge any electronic device you throw its way.
    • L: 3 5/8th in.
    • W: 7/8th in.
    • H: 7/8th in.
    • Weight: 2.6 oz. without packaging and 3.6 oz. with packaging.
    • Input 5V DC, 1000 mA
    • Output 5V DC, 1000 mA
    • Capacity 2600 mAh

    SKU: 5175937d#1
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